Vern's MW Tools
Vern's Mafia Wars Tools

I have created some handy tools for automating certain things in Zynga's online game, Mafia Wars (Facebook version). These tools are known as bookmarklets; meaning you bookmark them and then invoke them while you are on a Mafia Wars page.

For instructions on how to install these bookmarklets, Bobby Heartrate's FAQ has some good information. As a note, the bookmarklets on this page are the button-like things on the left and you should bookmark them, not click on them.

Credit where credit's due: Bobby Heartrate and Spockholm have some very useful tools/bookmarklets for streamlining things in Mafia Wars. Everything I've done here is based, in some way, on their work. I started with their tools but then wanted to do something more or different. Thus my tools came into being.

Caveat emptor: The Mafia Wars' Terms of Service says: "If you ... use any hacking scripting ... programs in Mafia Wars, ... we can freeze or terminate your account". Later on it specifically says we must not "use or launch any automated system" or "use or launch any unauthorized script". This language pretty clearly disallows any bookmarklets — including mine. I am not aware of Zynga taking action against bookmarklet writers or users but if this makes you nervous, don't use these tools.


Version: 1.03
Last updated: 2009-08-09

AddAll uses your recruiting page to get a list of your friends who aren't yet in your mafia. AddAll is based on Bobby Heartrate's Add All bookmarklet and uses status_invite links. Due to some changes Zynga made with these links it has to open them up in a separate window. Just ignore this extra window and it will go away when AddAll is done.

In addition to the standard pause/close buttons and wait configuration, AddAll also has a Skip List for entering the IDs of your friends who don't play Mafia Wars. Skipping these friends will speed up the processing each time.

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.


Version: 1.13
Last updated: 2009-09-10

Use AttackSpree after you've attacked someone to spend all of your remaining stamina re-attacking them.

AttackSpree is based on Spockholm's Attack5 (which was later replaced by AttackX). I wanted to be able to use all of my stamina on an opponent. Also, I wanted better visibility of how my health/stamina/cash/xp were doing so I update those as they change. AttackSpree will heal you when it's done attacking as well as during the fight when your health gets low, pausing if you've seen the doctor too recently. Due to recent changes in the Mafia Wars interface, you can't get rid of the attack message secion without refreshing the whole page so I've added an "X" that allows you to close it.

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.


Version: 1.07
Last updated: 2009-09-10

AttackCuba is a variation of AttackSpree that I made when Cuba was opened up. The specific difference is that AttackCuba will travel to New Your for healing to preserve the precious Cuban Pesos. After healing, it will travel back to Cuba and continue the attack.

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.


Version: 1.13
Last updated: 2009-09-07

DoJobs attempts to offer job assistance to every member of your Mafia. DoJobs will prompt you for how long to pause between checks and how many mafia friends to skip (in case you had to interrupt it and start over). By defuault DoJobs uses a list internal to Mafia Wars to find the friends to assist but you can suplly a list of your own, if desired. A Pause button allows you to temporarily stop the progress and restart it where it left off. For continuous opperation, there is the option to restart processing at the beginning when it reaches the end. A log keeps track of what has been done (with an optional limit for those with big mafias.)

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.


Version: 1.11
Last updated: 2009-07-25

It's recommended that you use DoJobs instead of DoJobsFS. DoJobsFS uses Facebook Friend Searches and it is possible to receive a warning or even get blocked from using search on facebook.

DoJobsFS attempts to offer job assistance to every member of your Mafia. DoJobsFS will prompt you for how long to pause between checks and how many mafia friends to skip (in case you had to interrupt it and start over). A Pause button allows you to temporarily stop the progress and restart it where it left off. A log keeps track of what has been done (with a limit for those with big mafias.)

DoJobsFS uses "Friends who use Mafia Wars" friend search to get your mafia list.

WARNING: Do not set the Search Wait below 60 (higher is better). Doing so may cause Facebook to detect the impoper use of friends search and send you a warning!

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.


Version: 1.03
Last updated: 2009-08-10

MafiaMikes works the same as Bobby Heartrate's Mike bookmarklet. His stopped working and I needed some Mikes so I fixed his script (needed a new "tmp" variable) and added my embelishments like a pause button, a close button, etc.

Also, this is the first of my tools to included an update notifier that will tell people when a new version is available.


Version: 1.05
Last updated: 2009-07-09

ConfirmAll is a fixed version of Bobby Heartrate's ConfirmAll. Use this bookmarklet on your Facebook Confirm Requests page

Facebook changed things slightly and Bobby's script needed a tweak. While I was in there, I added a configurable delay between clicks (my browser seems to like this better and doesn't freeze as much) and, since I like to keep my mafia off of my main news feed, I give the option to uncheck the "Show in News Feed" box.

The most difficult improvement was making the script put my new mafia members into my Mafia friends list. The script gives you a text box for entering the name of the list that you want to confirm people into.

As a note, I've found that the pause can be longer if the web browser is bogged down but will speed up towards the end.

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.


Version: 1.07
Last updated: 2009-07-08

FreeBank is a limited use tool that takes advantage of the rounding loophole when depositing money to the bank. If you deposit $9 (or less) then the bank does not take 10%. FreeBank will attempt to deposit all your cash-on-hand into the bank in $9 (or C$9) increments to avoid paying any laundering penalties.

FreeBank is only useful when you are starting out and money is extra precious. For sums over a few thousand, FreeBank takes prohibitively long to make all the deposits.


Version: 1.01
Last updated: 2009-09-05

ExpEnergy is almost identical to Spockholm's ExpEnergy with a minor little difference: The ratio listed next to how much xp you have left to level up, is formatted with fewer digits after the decimal when the ratio is a large number. This improves the aesthetics since large ratios no longer cause a line-wrap.

Not compatible with Internet Explorer.

The following bookmarklets no longer work and have been retired.


Version: 1.04
Last updated: 2009-07-11

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If you are a programmer and want to take a look at the code I use to generate these bookmarklets, feel free to visit my Developer Information page.